At Golden Key, we specialize in making perspective 3D drawings for house interior and exterior basing on clients’ detailed drawings by using professional software like AutoCAD, 3DMax, SketchUp, …

Interior design is an indispensable companion of the architecture industry. It greatly affects the satisfaction of the owner of that house. The current GoldenKey company with business teams using 3Ds Max, Autocad, … combined with different architectural software. , always bring the interior products with dedication and responsibility from all employees. With the spirit and attitude of doing that, we improve ourselves day by day and gain satisfied trust from customers.

2D Interior

Keeping up with the trend, we can perfect 2D drawings (house drawings, office drawings) from diverse sources such as:

  • Video
  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • 3D Capture

3D Interior

We express the idea of the building in 3D with the environment lighting, materials, colors of the house so that customers can understand and feel the design space is about to complete correctly.